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  • Section 1 & 2

    The First and Second Section is the Helpful Tools and the E-books Consider it an orientation to spiritual awakening, which sounds kind of whimsical and cool. Section two is where I go into detail about how to navigate your awakening. It discusses six coveted tools that will help you through your awakening. Make sure you pay attention to each, especially The Rose. Not just because it’s my favorite, but because it is effective. Helpful Tools Grounding Cord - This one is more than you think The Rose - My personal favorite Center of the Head - Clear out the voices Gazing Meditations - Sharpen your focus Maintain the Layers of the Aura - Clear many layers of the Aura The Temples - A place to dump your stuff.

  • Section 3

    The Third Section is Awakening. In this section, we get into the nitty-gritty of your awakening. I explain how and why a lot of people reach the point of awakening through trauma. Breakup, accidents, job loss, sickness, or a close person’s demise can push you into the throes of spiritual awakening. I also discuss how, for others, awakening is a spontaneous and pleasant experience. The lessons in this section aim to answer basic questions you might have about awakening, what it is, how does it happen, and what does it involve. Awakening Lessons So, What is a Spiritual Awakening? 6 Steps of an Awakening There are 12 types of Lightworkers Learn to Listen to Your Inner Voice

  • Section 4

    Now, this section is the one to pay very close attention to. Consisting of ten lessons, this section will teach you how to answer some big questions. You’ll go on a quest to discover who you are and why you’re here on this planet. Here, you will find new ways of thinking while you learn how to assess, analyze, and get better control of your thoughts. You will also learn to what extent human beings are conditioned to follow our egos, highlighting the point that most of our thoughts are not our own. Ascension Lessons A List of Common Ascension Symptoms, Activate Ascension Codes, Activate Geometric Patterns, Crystalline Light Body, Hasten the Assimilation of Light, Physical Trauma From Former Lifetimes, Male and Female Essence, The Crystal Shift, Universal Life Energy Exercises, Why Are You Here?

  • Section 5

    The Fifth Section is Meditation When I was a newbie to spirituality and learning how to grapple my awakening, I began meditating. At first, like many of you, I found it difficult as I hadn’t done it before. Emptying my mind and focusing my thoughts and energy on my inner peace took some time. This section will teach you how to meditate with helpful tips and tricks. It also contains some guided meditation sessions so you can practice. Meditation Lessons Learn to Meditate and the Benefits of Meditation Purify Layers of Thought Meditation Activate the Spirit Codes Connect with the Earth Spirit

  • Section 6

    This is a bonus section and it provides you with more advice and tips on understanding and getting the most out of your spiritual awakening and ascension. Along with feminine energy and connecting with the elements, this section has a lesson on hugs. I believe that a hug is an exchange of energy, where you have the power to pick up broken pieces of the other person’s soul and put it back in place. You know the calming feeling a bear hug gives after you have a long, hard day? That’s what I’m talking about – just with a spiritual element to it. Bonus Lessons Retrieve and Integrate Soul Fragments Assimilate the Feminine Energy Wear Colors to Connect with Some of the Elements

  • Everyone Needs a Hug

    Again, I have a strong belief in the power of a good hug. Whether the situation is joyous or not, a good hug makes things a little better each time because you are putting a broken piece back in its place. This is why I leave you with a virtual hug and reassurance that your awakening is not something to be scared of. It’s a new feeling, yes, but one that you can navigate and successfully embrace with the right tools. I hope that these lessons will bring you that solace and reassurance. Until then, Hugs and Love, Rene

Awakening and Ascension


Spark and Nurture your Inner Divinity and Spirituality

Find your Innate Inner Peace. A Battle of Egos

If you do the work in this course, it will change the rest of your life...

Human beings, ruled by lingering innate instincts for survival and further bombarded with subliminal messages supporting the ego, have become quite linear in their understanding of spirituality. Our sense of self, for the majority of us anyway, has become possessive. The drive and continuous push to be individualistic has taken a turn to the left of what the ideology describes. It has put us in a rat race that thrives on instant gratification from material things, aiming to meet Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
This continuous focus on “I” has led us to separate ourselves from everything that surrounds us. We look at the world through a rosy filter where you either grind hard to secure a future or are too busy amending or suffering from whatever happened in your past, leaving the present moment ignored. Our egos get in the way of us being able to connect with the emotions, energies, nature, and people around us. Awakening – Shattering of the Ego Fortunately, the Universe works in her mysterious ways and shatters the ego and our exclusive sense of self. This may be prompted for whatever reason in the form of a major life change, loss, or something small and unnoticeable.
The fact that you’re here, looking up resources to help you make sense of this sudden rush of new feelings and emotions indicates that you might be experiencing your spiritual awakening. This time can be quite overwhelming as everything you have known until now becomes unreal. The illusion of being separated from the oneness that you believed in for years…dissolves. This is a profound revelation that triggers transformation in your heart, mind, body, and soul. Least to say, your awakening is a new territory of your human existence that you don’t completely understand how to manage.
Awakening and Ascension As you awaken, you ascend to a new level of spirituality that creates this overbearing feeling of being connected with the world and its energies. I understand that for many people, this realization comes during or after a negative life experience. I know because, well, I have been there. When I was awakening, the journey started a little choppy. But I also know that not everyone will have a rough time with their awakening. Either way, some guidance and informative resources gained through first-hand experience are always helpful. Back in the day, I would have loved to have such resources available to me. This was the main motivation behind creating this course. I intend to simplify this journey and give you some tools to use and make your awakening and spiritual transition a lot smoother and easier.
Essentially, the course is a collection of information and tips that I found of tremendous aid when I approached my awakening. It talks about answering big questions such as Who am I? What’s my purpose? Where do I come from? The only question you won’t get an answer to in this course is… Why me? The Course – A Few Beginner Tips The course is broken down into six sections. The information in this course, for the majority of it, is in the form of written material and not videos. Each section holds a world of useful information for your awakening and ascension. As you delve right into the course material, keep a highlighter, a pen/pencil, and blank sheets of paper with you. Study as you would some material for a quiz, paying attention to the small details. Take your time with it, highlighting and annotating wherever you feel something resonated with you.
Once you are through with the course, jot down everything you have highlighted and place it in front of the document. This will make finding important parts of the course a lot easier, especially when you need a refresher. As mentioned several times before, this course will provide you with some tools that will be effective in navigating your awakening and ascension. Pay close attention to these and read the information thoroughly. You will be able to access sections one and two when you purchase the course. The remaining sections will unlock one by one in the subsequent weeks.


If you sign up today, I will include two free eBooks - "The Mandela Effect" and "Who are we and where did we come from?" along with another eBook that will be revealed when you start the lessons.

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The Mandela Effect

Why are these weird things happening? People remember Nelson Mandela dying 2 different times and each group swears by what they remember. Read about this and many more effects as our world continues to change. There are over 120 pages of many Mandela Effects

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Have you ever asked yourself these questions? There are over 120 pages to help explain it all to you.

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